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June 29, 2024

Need Youth Gloves? Here’s what we found

We've already reviewed the best baseball gloves for adults and high-schoolers and now is the time to review the top youth baseball/softball gloves for youth kids.

Choosing the best glove is important and this, in turn, will result in more success for that player throughout his or her baseball career.

If not, that's OK too. Because, with so many options out there, a person can easily find the best baseball glove for him or her. Here's what to look for.

Hopefully, this article will you some useful insights when shopping for youth baseball gloves for kids.

Let’s have a look at the list of best youth baseball gloves.

Best Youth Baseball Gloves - 2022

Rawlings gamer youth pro glove


Material: Leather

Laces: Tannesse tanned rawhide leather

 protected by a PVC lining

Full Review

The Rawlings Gamer Series Youth Pro Baseball Glove is made from durable leather and finished for extra softness. These pro baseball gloves come in two different models: Acrylic and Latex.

Both of them are designed with a contoured fit for optimal protection against injuries. Doesn't matter if you want a best youth infield glove or a best youth outfield glove, this one can be your buddy.

Latex is a little bit heavier but is well constructed and recommended for more experienced players who are looking for pro baseball gloves that offer good grip and feel.

I am sure you would be happy to know that the glove is well protected by a PVC lining which not only keeps the water away from the glove but also prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming.

This feature makes the Rawlings Gamer Series Youth Pro Baseball Glove ideal for backyard and park baseball games.

You can also find out from the manufacturer, where the gloves were made, as only they will know the exact ingredients used to create such a high-quality glove.

In fact, the manufacture of these gloves is what sets it apart from the other brands of baseball gloves and that's the reason this is on the top of the list of best youth baseball gloves.

They feel comfortable against your hands and unlike some other brands, they do not slide around on your wrists. I hope that the review of the Rawlings Gamer Series Youth Pro Baseball Gloves helped you make up your mind whether to get one or not.


  • These are made up of all leather.
  • It has a reasonable price.
  • It is available for all positions.


  • It is stiff and needs the effort to break-in.

Nokona alpha select s-200 golve


Material: leather

Back type: open back

Web Pattern: Modified T web

Full Review

When it comes to performance and top-notch looks, Nokona's new line of baseball gloves puts it all together in one package - the Nokona Alpha Select S-200.

For those who are looking for premium performance from their glove for every practice and game, the new Alpha Select line of gloves by Nokona features a premium mix of materials, from suede to leather to mesh textile and everything in between.

The glove is designed to last through years of big-game usage, with built-in padding to reduce fatigue for every player.

There are a variety of designs to choose from, including several throwback styles that fans have come to love, or a full-length design ideal for pitchers and catchers.

This American Made product also offers a plethora of custom options for each individual player, including a choice of genuine leather or genuine mesh, a selection of colored designs, and plenty of customization options.

The Nokona Alpha Select S-200 baseball gloves feature an air-tight fit and a pre-curved shaft for enhanced grip.

The finger-wear section has been designed with a glovebox that provides optimal protection for every hand - and is removable for convenience during practice or games.

The soft textile lining allows for optimal airflow and helps keep fingers comfortable during game action.

Players will appreciate the strong grip and the comfortable feel of Nokona's construction - especially the faux crocodile pattern on the fingers. And, thanks to Nokona's True Fit System, no one will need to ever take off their gloves during a game.

We think, its better than the Rawlings Gamer Series but because of it higher price, it rank #2 in the list of best youth baseball gloves.


  • Good Quality Leather is used as its material.
  • These can be used against softball.


  • The price of these gloves is comparatively higher.
  • Break-in time is longer.

Rawlings r9 youth baseball taper glove


Material: leather
Suitable for: 
Infielder, Outfielder, Pitcher, and Catcher
Web Pattern: 
Trap-Eze web

Full Review

Rawlings R9 Baseball Youth Pro Taper gloves are the lightest baseball gloves available at this price point yet they offer superior performance. The R9 Series offers premium quality construction and top-notch features.

Rawlings uses the most advanced bonded soft leather in their gloves, which makes them a one-of-a-kind brand. This new series features rugged, soft, durable all-leather shells designed for game-day performance.

These gloves come standard in either black or white. They also have "Pro Stealth" liner options.

These gloves feature a zipper cover to hide the needle guard. The R9 Youth series has rubberized knuckle cups for increased comfort and an expanded fingerhole area for greater grip. Extra stitching gives extra stability to the grip.

The Rawlings R9 Baseball Glove has been rated a perfect ten by both Pro-Choice and Elite Baseball Glove Company.

It has the most advanced compression technology, which makes it a plus for any baseball player. It also features two latex-filled finger holes for added comfort and added strength.

Added durability and quality make the Rawlings R9 Baseball Glove the choice of pro teams everywhere.

To buy a Rawlings R9 Baseball Glove is from a major sporting goods chain they carry the best selection and prices.


  • Available at a reasonable and decent Price.
  • High-quality leather is used in these gloves.
  • Break-in takes no with these gloves.


  • These are not for hardcore users.

Rawling select pro lite glove


Material: Leather

Back: Conventional  Back

Suitable for: Infielder, Outfielder, Pitcher

Web Pattern: Multiple patterns

Full Review

Rawlings Select Pro Lite is the newest of the Rawlings Select line of gloves. They provide kids with an extra soft and flexible fit while providing superior performance. The baseball gloves are designed with comfort and durability in mind.

Unlike other brands of baseball gloves, these gloves are lighter in weight and easily worn. These gloves feature easy-grip tape for a secure fit and great finger protection.

The Rawlings Select Pro Lites range features a wide range of gloves that are perfect for all ages. They have been specifically engineered to fit young baseball players comfortably and provide superior performance.

The baseball gloves are designed with a soft, comfortable fit to help prevent hand fatigue from a day of hitting. All models offer an attractive Youth Pro Taper design perfect for young players who prefer a smaller hand opening for increased control.

The finger protection is enhanced by Slip Control Pro technology, which allows the player to flex his fingers confidently without worry.

The glove is constructed from premium leather and is one inch thick. Extra finger protection is provided thanks to reinforced knuckle pads and textured webbed fingers.

Made with a non-slip grip, the soft fit and lightweight action make them the most comfortable baseball gloves on the market today.


  • These gloves are available at a decent price
  • faster break-in


  • According to research these gloves cant last for many seasons.

wilson a450 youth baseball glove


Material: leather

Bac: open

Suitable for: Infielder, Outfielder, Pitcher

Web Pattern: H-web design

Full Review

The Wilson A450 Youth Baseball Glove is designed for young - inexperienced ball players hoping to acquire an edge on the diamond in play. Wilson A 450 Youth Baseball Glove boasts the best in leather construction combined with the best synthetic materials available for performance.

Wilson A450 Youth Baseball Glove's ergonomic finger guards offer protection while allowing players to move freely without concern for becoming injured.

Wilson A 450 Youth Baseball Glove offers full finger protection which includes arch supports, rubberized fingers, and cutout covers for optimal protection of the hand.

This glove provides premium quality and a comfortable fit for the youth player. While many competitors only make products for the senior athlete, Wilson A450 Youth Baseball Glove was created to also make an excellent product for the younger player.

The finger holes have been drilled for optimal gripping ability and are easily accessible for ease of changing out the gloves. Wilson A450 Youth Baseball Glove also features premium stitching and a leather wrap to ensure it is durable enough to stand up to wear and tear.

This premium leather glove also comes standard with a rubberized thumb to protect the player's fingers during plays.

Wilson A450 Youth Baseball Glove is one of the best youth baseball gloves available. This probably the best youth baseball  glove in lower budget segment.

It features real leather laces and is very sturdy. There are many styles and designs that the Wilson A450 Youth Baseball Glove can be configured into.

This glove comes standard with three different sizes so that it will fit most youth players. Whether your child is starting out or trying to re-teach old skills Wilson A450 Youth Baseball Glove is the best fit.


  • Available at affordable Price
  • Break-in is quicker with these gloves.


  • Palm may be a little harder harder

Rawlings Players Series

Rawling players series glove


Material: synthetic

Palm material: leather

Back: open back

Web pattern: Basket

Full Review

Rawlings Players Series Baseball Glove is the official manufacture of Major League Baseball's off-field gloves as well as their on-field equipment.

The Rawlings Players Series Baseball Glove is the most reputed gloves in the market.

It has the highest quality and the latest technology that can meet any challenge thrown its way.

 It features a finger guard that is designed to prevent injuries to the knuckles and to give extra comfort.

The softcover can be fully removed for cleaning and it comes with a matching bag for storage. It also has a Duralate lining that prevents damage and makes it much more breathable.

The Medium Weight Leather Baseball Glove is extremely durable and features synthetic leather coverings. It offers the same protection as the softcover but weighs ten ounces less.

It is also ideal for players who prefer an open design since it is one of the lightest gloves on the market. This glove is equipped with a Duralate lining, which helps it resist water resistance.


  • High-quality material is used in its manufacturing.
  • Easy break-in
  • Available at an affordable price.


  • Natural leather is not used as basic material.
  • These are not recommended for other than T-ball

Mizuno Youth Prospect

mizuno youth prospect glove


Material: leather

Back: Conventional Open Back

Suitable for: Infielder, Outfielder, Pitcher, catcher

Web Pattern: Basket & Fully Closed

Full Review

The Mizuno Youth Prospect Baseball Glove is one of the most popular and versatile gloves that the company produces. Glove sizing can vary from extra-large to small, but the interlocking design of the fingers and the construction of the finger end make it very comfortable to wear and very sturdy to protect your fingers.

This makes it one of the best types of baseball gloves out there for every player, from the position player on down.

This glove was designed for the professional in mind. This is a heavy-duty glove that is meant to withstand the pounding a pro throws at it.

The design of this glove along with the interlocking design of the finger joints is one of the main reasons it stands up to the repeated punishment a pro baseball player dishes out.

This glove is made with a heavy-duty rubber that holds tightly onto the ball thereby giving you that secure feeling that no cheap plastic glove can.

With the long length of the glove and the medium feel in its fingers, no wonder it is so popular among players.

It doesn't matter what position you are playing at, or if you are a position player or a pitcher, this is the glove for you. With a Mizuno Youth Prospect Baseball Glove, you'll get that secure sensation every time you pick up that bat to bat.


  • Available at a great Price
  • Flexible leather is used in it.
  • These are best for beginners and gives them a secure feel.


  • These are not for team players


If you have been looking for the best youth baseball gloves for quite some time, I am sure that by now you have a pretty clear picture of what you are looking for.

These baseball/softball gloves are usually made for 5 years old to 10-12 year old kids.

In conclusion, the best kind of durable and comfortable gloves to purchase for the youth players are those that are made of natural leather, but that come in different designs, styles, and brands.

In most cases, baseball players or even parents who are purchasing the equipment would choose a certain brand and type, but there are still other options that would fit their needs better. It all comes down to personal preference and the requirements of the player.

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Who does not want a Durable Baseball Glove?


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