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May 22, 2023

2022 Demarini CF Fastpitch bat Review

2022 Demarini CF Zen Fastpitch bat Review

Demarini, a well-known baseball bat brand, released a new model of their bats in the year 2019. Few experts critiqued Zen 2020 in their journal, which became well-known among many players.

This year, Demarini introduced a newer model in the list of their bats for this year, the all new 2022 DeMarini CF Fastpitch Softball bat .

In this article, we have reviewed in depth the Demarini CF Fastpitch.

There is newer version of this bat available, checkout the 2023 DeMarini CF FP Review.

Best Fastpich bat 2022

Build Quality

DeMarini has created this bat with their proprietary blend of materials that they call "Paraflex Composite". The composite material provides a superior feel and durability. It also offers a great balance of power and control. The two piece construction of bat also improves the durability of the bat.

Amazing barrel hold huge sweet spot for more contact with the ball and delivers beautiful hits. Besides the best material it is made with 3-fusion technology to reduce the vibration to the least.

With zero vibration it’s easy to hold the bat in your palm and go for bigger hits. The high quality of this fastpitch bat makes it favourite to many professional players.


The DeMarini CF ZEN Fast pitch Bat is the newest addition to the line of DeMarini's fast pitch bats. It brings a new and innovative design with an aggressive look and feel. This bat is designed for hitters at all levels of play, from youth to college and even professional leagues.

The bat is a two-piece composite bat with a big barrel and a light swing. This helps the hitter make contact with the ball and swing more consistently.

We recommend it for players who prefer lighter swinging bats, but we also believe that this bat is suitable for older players who are not as physically fit as they once were. The bat comes in both right- and left-handed options.

The 2022 Demarini CF FP Bat is the best model of its type. This bat comes with a groove pattern making it easier to achieve top spinning swings, balanced power, and hitting with two-piece ball-defining contact.

Reasons to consider

It is a light swinging, high-performing bat with a long barrel and flexible connection piece. The CF for 2021 has a blend material that can be used to increase performance or durability.

This bat also features increased flex points across the centre of the barrel which allows for easier swings and more power on contact.

Reasons to avoid

We haven't seen anything negative about this product in our research though, which makes it hard to say anything about whether there are noticeable differences between this year's model and other Demarini bats.

Value for money

The DeMarini CF Fastpitch is one of the best fast pitch bats for players looking to step up their game.

This bat offers a high-end feel, at an affordable price point with no compromise on performance. Be smart and do smart shopping through online stores to avoid use of extra efforts.

Review Date
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Fastpitch Bat
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2022 DeMarini CF Fastpitch
USD 399.95
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