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October 14, 2022

2022 Mercy Slowpitch Bat Review

2022 Mercy Slowpitch Bat Full Review

With the evolving technology, players are getting more opportunities to experience well-performing and long-lasting bats. 2 piece composite mercy bat is durable and promising in the performance that makes you fall in love with it. 2022 mercy slowpitch bat is one of the latest models decorated with the best features.

This Slowpitch softball bat has made it to our list of Best ASA Slowpitch Softball bats.

Mercy slowpitch softball bat 2022

Build Quality

Don't settle for a flimsy bat that barely makes it from one season to the next. Get a bat that can accompany you for many leagues and deliver that extra pop off the bat. The building material of the 2022 mercy slowpitch bat is composite that is preferred by players due to its extraordinary durability.

The Mercy Slowpitch Bat is designed with a 2-piece construction style that makes it more comfortable to handle with no vibration. The stacked double-wall composite barrel is well balanced to make swift swings and maximum speed. So you can hit the ball harder and faster.


ASA certified Mercy composite bat is getting more popular because of its reliable performance and modern features. A stacked composite mid-load barrel is suitable for compression balls. Swift swings are guaranteed with its massive barrel without sacrificing power. Besides the great barrel, the bat has a stiffer composite handle to accelerate the performance.

The modern design and superb performance of this bat make it the perfect choice for experienced players. The balanced barrel layout gives better performance. The expected sweet spot is more significant in this model. The plate is smaller in diameter but wider in thickness.

The thick flat area in the back third of the plate has been reinforced to provide better contact with the ball compared to the original 2019 model, which was created for more power at the plate. This new model delivers all the features that have made this bat so popular over the years. A smaller weight has resulted in a faster swing motion.

Reasons to consider

Though Mercy 2022 bat is one of the best slowpitch bats among most of the top-ranked bats. The bat looks beautiful in your hands when you hold it. It feels quite light in your hands. The bat is very slow when you hit the ball. Let’s have a glance at some significant traits that make it more attractive.

  • The Stacked double-wall barrel.
  • Composite durable material.
  • Comfortable handle.

Reasons to avoid

The only thing that makes the 2022 mercy slowpitch bat difficult is its long break-in time. Users are happy with its performance but showing their concerns about its break-in time. So, you need to pay extra attention to break-in in a short time.

The company has made an effort to provide the users with this kind of information on the back of the bat but does not explain how much break-in time it will take. Many people think that there are more than two months or so, and actually, it depends on how often you will use the bat and how good your grip and swing technique is.

Value for money

The price of the bat is quite reasonable with its solid material and unique features. To shop wise, visit online stores and get promotions on its shipping to save some money and energy.

Review Date
Reviewed Item
Slowpitch Bat
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2022 Mercy Slowpitch Bat
USD 249.95
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