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October 14, 2022

2022 Miken Freak Kyle Pearson Maxload Review

2022 Miken Bat Full Review

Miken 2022 Kyle pearson maxload is specially design for the slow-pitch either it is for competitive or recreational purpose.

All the aspects of the Miken 2022 Kyle are worth discussing because the manufacturer uses latest technology to improve the performance of the bat. Adult player will love this model due to its mind-blowing features through which they can achieve their best performance in the game.

This bat is certified by all the important leagues so there are no worries about its use in different kind of leagues. Let’s start our detailed discussion about the features of the USSSA slowpitch bat.

2022 Miken Kyle Pearson Maxload review

Build Quality

The Miken Freak Kyle Pearson maxload is made with a strong, durable composite material. Hundred percent composite fibres increase the performance and quality of the barrel in this bat. The design is asymmetrical so that it can be used for left-handed or right-handed players. The Miken Freak Kyle Pearson has a reactive core that provides excellent ball reaction off of the bat.

The cover is made with a durable, synthetic leather cover. This is a very good option for players of any level. It will last and the design is made to make it easier to use.

Triple matrix core technology is used in the barrel to increase the sweet spot for better contact. Other than this, carbon fibre barrel is also responsible for the well balance and better control of the bat. Extended barrel and weight of the bat makes it more comfortable to handle with swift swings.


2022 kyle pearson freak with high quality and best features guarantee apex performance in the game.  the weight, balance, and performance of the bat collectively helped in improving the skills of hitting the ball seamlessly. It has a great feel when it comes in contact with the ball.

Miken Kyle Pearson Freak comes with the new USSSA stamp of approval. The Freak is a fair-priced bat. It performs well, has an attractive design.

The 2022 Kyle Pearson Freak is made of composite material. It has a balanced weight distribution which is good for players looking for lightweight bats that are quick to swing. This bat is great if you are just starting out because it doesn’t take much effort to swing.

Reasons to consider

Kyle Pearson Freak bat has a lot of features that make it stand out among other brands, like an attractive design and reliability.

Large sweet spot gives a lot of pop with satisfactory feel and sound. You will not regret your choice after buying it.

Reasons to avoid

According to our survey we can state that Miken 2022 USSSA slow-pitch bat doesn’t has any downside. But still very few users come to have problem with barrel of the bat after few games. But this is very rare; otherwise above ninety percent of users are quite happy with the results of the Miken 2022 bat. .

Value for money

The Miken Freak is a winner due to the fact that it’s an excellent value for money. This bat has been out on the market for quite some time now, and yet it still has a very high customer rating. It is priced at around 300 bucks, which is quite decent than many other bats on the market.

Review Date
Reviewed Item
Slowpitch Bat
Author Rating
Product Name
2022 Miken Freak Kyle Pearson Maxload
USD 319.95
Product Availability
Available in Store Only

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