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June 6, 2023

2023 AXE Strato Baseball bat Review

Introducing the new ultra-balanced Axe Strato Baseball Bat, which is specially designed to bring the heat.

Strato is a 1- piece multi-wall construction bat that delivers the fastest swing and high performance.

You will get a massive sweet spot and the hottest max barrel with the lowest swing weight bat. 



  • USA

2023 Axe Strato BBCOR Review

2023 Axe Strato BBCOR bat images

Build Quality

Designed by taking years of feedback from college hitters and high-end school hitters.

Constructed by using All-alloy material that makes it a long-lasting bat. And contains some good features that deliver more comfort and faster speed with safety in comparison to its prior bat.

Its handle is more comfortable and safer in terms of the player's hand injuries and helps to maximize the player’s swing.

Some technology is used to provide a better feeling to its users like endogrid for reducing vibration during mis-hit.


Strato 2023 BBCOR is an AXE’s line of bats that is hailed as a breakthrough in bat technology by players and coaches from the leagues of pros.

And when it comes to performance this is one of the high-performing swinging aluminum bats of 2023, with the biggest zone across the barrel.

Its biggest barrel is responsible for maximizing the sweet spot. Strato’s going to deliver an explosive performance on the ground. and able to transmit more power to baseball.

Stiff is ever as strong as ever stream precision more trampoline fast swinging aluminum bat.

Reasons to consider

Constructed as a 1-piece design with ultra-balanced low MOI for all BBCOR Hitters, its multi-wall barrel boasts a ring-free massive sweet spot for next-level power.

And you will get a new armor-enhanced alloy barrel that maximizes its performance and comes hot out of the wrapper while keeping strong and durable for a lifetime.

All new features like composite hyper-whip end cap, flared knob, and endogrid technology makes it better than all axe bats lineup.

Reasons to avoid

In comparison to its competitor bats like the 2023 DeMarini Voodoo One, Louisville Slugger Atlas and Easton Alpha ALX.

They also got some similar features that this new Strato 2023 has.

So if you want to save some money then you can avoid this bat.

Value for money

Now saying Strato 2023 is value for money or not is a bit difficult because this is the only one-piece design bat that can deliver great performance with an ultra-balanced bat.

The best part of this bat which I like most is its fast loud power. So now until any

Another competitor launched a new bat that contains the same extra features as this. It is value for your money.

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