May 22, 2023

2023 DeMarini Prism+ Review

Demarini has released the new successor of the 2021 Prism +, the 2023 Prism +, a modern and innovative fastpitch softball bat.

The 2023 model is almost similar to the last batch, apart from only a few changes in paint and graphics.

This bat's balanced weight makes it a top choice for contact hitters. Young players choose this bat for its comfortable in-hand feel, offers a massive pop, and big sweet spot.

The Demarini Prism + costs less than Demarini Whisper 2023 fastpitch softball game.

However, the durability of Prism + 2023 is not that good, and that's the reason it can't outperform the DeMarini Whisper.

2023 DeMarini Prism+ FP Review

2023 prism plus fastpitch bat

Build Quality

The new Demarini Prism + for 2023 fastpitch is a two-piece composite bat with balanced swing weight, hence a top performer for contact hitters.

The Prism + bat has a lightweight swing due to its balanced weight, throwing the balls across the strike zone effortlessly.

So, contact hitters who want to practice their softball game comfortably and easily find this bat a top choice.

Also, the bat contains an ultra-responsive and big sweet spot, so the young baseballers launch their softball game without any dead spots. 


The 2023 Demarini Prism + has fantastic vibration-dampening technology for ensuring smooth and consistent performance without causing stings to the hands of the contact hitters.

Like all the Demarini bats, the in-hand feel of the new 2023 fastpitch bat Prism + is highly likable and smooth.

So, young people can swing the bat with utmost comfort and ease.

The performance of the new Demarini Prism + for the 2023 fastpitch softball bat is comparable to the talk of the town bat for the 2023 fastpitch, the Demarini Whisper.

Reasons to consider

Most importantly, the in-hand feel of the Demarini Prism + bat for Fastpitch 2023 is highly smooth and comfortable.

So, emerging players conveniently establish their game without any difficulty.

Also, the bat's performance is fabulous; you can compare it with any other best-performing bat in the market.

Reasons to avoid

First, the new 2023 Demarini Prism + softball bat for fastpitch does not have impressive durability.

The paint of the bat chops off quickly, and even the bat breaks in some cases after only a few games. No bat could take over 2023 Demarini's Whisper fastpitch bat.

Also, this bat is not for you if you are an experienced player looking for an end-loaded bat with a full swing needed for power-hitting.

Value for money

A bat's popularity depends upon its quality, durability, performance, and budget. A bat has to do well in all these domains to become a hot seller of the season.

The price of the new 2023 Demarini Prism + fastpitch softball bat is reasonable, and it costs way less than Demarini Whisper 2023.

However, the bat's durability remains questionable, raising concerns among baseballers if they want to spend on a bat with poor durability or not.

So, Demarini needs to fix Prism's durability issues to make it value for money. The Rawlings Mantra 2.0 is a great alternative to the Prism plus with no durability issues and similar performance.

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