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March 19, 2023

2023 Easton Encore Hybrid Bat Review

Encore Hybrid is a totally newly designed bat in the 2023 season. It pulls in all the best features of Easton's cutting-edge bat engineering.

It is going to give huge competition to Demarini Goods and Marucci CatX this season in performance and looks too.



Easton Encore Hybrid BBCOR Bat 2023 Review

2023 Easton Encore Hybrid BBCOR bat review

Build Quality

This is constructed as a two-piece hybrid design bat that offers explosive power by combining Easton’s finest composite and alloy technologies in this BBCOR bat.

The barrel is designed with compcore technology by using a ringless R5 alloy barrel that is thinned by 30% and internally backed with Thermo composite technology across the length of the hitting area.

A New PureLink CXN Feature is added in this bat and connects the handle directly to the barrel to increase the stiffness, Energy Transfer, and Power.

Its Pro-Stiff Carbon Handle is designed by using really stiff carbon fibers to exhibit a solid feel. That should produce an excellent feel when a player hits the ball.

And a power boost or soft knob is used to deliver a comfortable swinging experience for the bottom hand of players. And also helps to increase the leverage, and power potential and reduce the vibration that comes from mis-hits.

You will get it with a flow-tack Grip that is common in all bats.


Encore Hybrid bat is great to deliver right out-of-the-wrapper performance, it has a huge sweet spot, and is able to create a massive amount of power.

After playing some games you will realize its velocity is amazing. And how good of a hybrid BBCOR bat this is.

Reasons to consider

It delivers great performance on the ground and contains the best feature that is going to make you a fan of this bat like its power and delivering a huge sweet spot with balanced swing weight.

Reasons to avoid

In comparison to its competitor like Demarini Goods, it has a bit low swing spot but it has more power than that. So if you are not a big fan of Demerit goods then you should buy this.

Value for money

After using this bat, I am sure you felt how amazing it is, and when you hit the ball and it smashed the ground you realized this bat is good.

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Encore Hybrid
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