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May 22, 2023

2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited Review

The new 2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited bat for Fastpitch is here to replace the 2022 model, which was the talk of the town.

Drop 8 and 9 of the Ghost Unlimited are end-loaded suitable for power hitters, whereas drop 10 is balanced and hence a top choice of the young contact hitters.

Though the makers have improved the durability from 2022, it still needs an upgrade. Also, this Ghost Unlimited bat for fastpitch is highly expensive for a single-piece bat.

Overall, the bat has a nice feel, a comfortable swing, and a consistent performance. And can be considered as one of the best fastpitch bats this year money can buy.

Easton Ghost Unlimited FP Review

easton ghost unlimited fastpitch bat

Build Quality

The new 2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited bat for softball fastpitch is constructed as a one-piece composite design. This Ghost Unlimited accommodates both contact and power hitters.

The bat features a new soft knob to increase the baseballers' stability and power as much as possible.

The double barrel design of the bat takes the performance to the highest point by providing a huge hitting area and a massive sweet spot.

Also, the Flow-Tack grip of the bat provides a highly likable and comfortable feel like that of the Demarini bats like Prism+.


Drops 8 and 9 of the Easton Ghost Unlimited bat provide an end-loaded swing to expert hitters. However, drop 10 offers a balanced swing that excites young players who want to hone their game from the basic level.

The Ghost Unlimited bats have a huge, forgiving sweet spot that ensures consistent game performance.

Moreover, the vibration-dampening system of the bat is excellent at virtually eliminating all the vibrations that could reach your hands to cause a sting.

The performance of the Ghost Unlimited is comparable to that of the one-piece Marucci Echo DMND fastpitch bat.

Reasons to consider

There are many likable features about Ghost Unlimited for Fastpitch.

For starters, the in-hand feel of the bat, both for end-loaded and balanced versions of the bat, is amazing.

This Easton Ghost Unlimited bat offers consistent practice without dead spots and comfortable hitting without a hand sting.

Most importantly, the bat has different drops for experienced power hitters and emerging young players. Something for everyone, the thing you hardly see in a single fastpitch batting line-up.

Reasons to avoid

The most detestable thing about the 2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited fastpitch softball bat is its poor durability. The bat produces a rattle and breaks after only a few initial uses.

Also, Ghost Unlimited is too expensive for a one-piece bat. You can find the top competitors in the market, such as the Marucci Echo DMND softball fastpitch bat, for a considerably less price, with equivalent quality.

Value for money

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the performance of this bat.

However, the durability remains questionable, and players do not want to spend money on a bat that would not last long.

We consider DeMarini Whisper to be a better alternative even thought that is a two piece bat.

Also, the bat is pricy, and cheaper alternatives are available. So, we doubt if this bat is value for the money.

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