March 19, 2023

2023 Easton Hype Comp Review

Easton hype is crafted with meticulously engineered every feature to deliver explosive performance this season.

This is the best two-piece composite BBCOR bat that contains a massive sweet spot which is rare in the BBCOR lineup.

It feels more lightweight than last year’s version. From the knob to the end, it is built to give players a high-performing bat.



2023 Easton Hype Comp BBCOR Review

Build Quality

The Hype Composite BBCOR bat is designed in a two-piece construction with composite material. 

Easton Hype is the upgraded version of its prior model, so the maximum features are the same as the 2022 Easton hype BBCOR bat contains.

Only you will get a paint job as a new feature in this bat.


Built with end-to-end Thermo composite technology, that creates a massive sweet spot with the lightest material possible.

In comparison to the Easton Encore Hybrid BBCOR Bat, it produces a pretty balanced swing feel and pretty light.

Thermo Composite Technology is used in this hype bat, and its composite barrel displays a massive length and a big sweet spot.

One of the best BBCOR bats of 2023 that creates an irresistible bat for both power hitters and contact.

ConneXion Max feature creates a stiff feel at the contact with a baseball and is filled with nitro cell foam that limits the vibration that comes from mis-hits.

Constructed with a pro-stiff carbon handle that exhibits a solid feel. And produce an excellent feeling of contact with the baseball.

To increase the leverage and power potential and cut down the vibration that comes from mishits.

It provides the utmost cushion and traction on a player’s hand. Easton hype used a flow-tack grip.

Reasons to consider

Compared to other 2-piece BBCOR bats like Marucci CAT X Connect and Easton Encore Hybrid bats, it only delivers a balanced swing feel.

And delivers a better sweet spot than Encore. And looks beautiful.

Reasons to avoid

In Comparison to Encore hype, only its connection technology, and barrel technology are different.

And the price is much higher than the encore so if you are not a fan of conneXion Max and Thermo Composite technology then you can avoid it.

Value for money

Easton Hype is a balanced bat in a two-piece design with composite material, which is rare in the BBCOR lineup.

And it delivers great pop and a long durable bat. So It can be valuable for your money.

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