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March 19, 2023

2023 Louisville Slugger Atlas Review

Atlas is one of Louisville Slugger’s series, Which launched in 2023 with the latest technology to spread its popularity by giving the best performance on the plate.

This is a new bat in 2023, constructed as a one-piece alloy design, and optimizes the wall thickness for maximum performance along the whole length of the barrel.

Its light-swing profile allows for extreme barrel control, and the tuned mass damper within the handle dramatically reduces the vibration during mis-hits.

In The slugger line-up, Atlas provides a perfectly balanced swing feel that is loved by most contact hitters, and power hitter players.



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2023 Louisville Slugger Atlas BBCOR Review

2023 Louisville slugger Atlas BBCOR image

Build Quality

When it comes to building quality, Louisville slugger atlas -3 BBCOR bat comes on the top list.

One-Piece alloy design bat focused on delivering huge baseball bat speed without minimizing power.


You will get a new evoke alloy barrel that helps to optimize the wall design led by player feedback and cuts the edge of computer simulations.

And for better comfort, Atlas uses a tuned mass damper feature to absorb the vibrations and sting for an unmatched feel with every swing on his-hits.

A new SPD-Gen2 End cap that is also known as composite end cap, is used to optimize the barrel performance and also helps to reduce the weight at the end of the barrel.

To Exhibit, a perfect mix of tack and cushion atlas used a premium LS Pro Comfort Grip.

Certified for play in high school and college play, and also legal for play in the intermediate junior league division of the little league.

Reasons to consider

It has a perfectly balanced swing weight in comparison to other slugger bats, and it is easy to control.

Feels like Atlas is hot from the handle to the end of the barrel.

Whenever you'll hit the ball, you will realize it is the hottest one piece bat BBCOR bat you have ever played with.

Reasons to avoid

If you like to swing a one piece bat then there might not be some solid reason to avoid it, if you are not a big fan of voodoo one.

Though, its power does match with the voodoo one.

Value for money

Louisville Slugger Atlas is the first bat in 2023 which got a 5 out of 5 overall rating in performance, and durability.

And one of the most comfortable 1-piece alloy bbcor bats.

It comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty.

So this can be valuable for your money.

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