May 21, 2023

2023 Rawlings Mantra+ Review

The new 2023 Rawlings Mantra + bat for fastpitch softball has tuned barrel designs to an end-loaded profile for players who look for faster swings.

The bat delivers a great performance in the field with a great in-hand feel and a consistent hitting experience.

PowerSync connection system virtually reduces all the vibration for a smooth and comfortable hitting experience without getting any hand stings.

2023 Rawlings Mantra+ FP Review

Mantra Plus fastpitch softball bat

Build Quality

2023 Rawlings Mantra + is constructed as a two-piece composite design. The slightly end-loaded Mantra + fastpitch softball bat is great for power-hitting.

The new PowerSync connection joint of the bat reduces vibrations while shifting all energy directly from your swing to the barrel.

Also, the top-quality Carbon composite material of the Mantra plus fastpitch softball bat allows for a smooth and quick swing path.


The new 2023 Mantra plus offers a slightly end-loaded swing that excites power hitters.

Also, the bat offers great exit velocity, which throws the ball out of the field with a little effort.

The huge sweet spot of the bat also contributes to its consistent performance, aided by comfortable swinging due to the smooth in-hand feel of 2023 Mantra + bat.

Reasons to consider

Rawlings Mantra + fastpitch bat has an excellent vibration-dampening system ensuring smooth energy transfer.

So, no vibrations reach the bottom hand of the players during the game.

Due to this, expert players enjoy a comfortable performance without getting any hand stings or unrest during practice.

The bat is also famous for providing a comfortable and smooth in-hand feel comparable to Demarini's Whisper 2023, known for its nice feel.

Reasons to avoid

The durability of the  Mantra + fastpitch softball bat is not up to the mark.

Many complaints were filed about the knob falling off after just a few hits.

You can consider the new 2023 Demarini's whisper fastpitch softball bat if you want strong durability.

Another unlikable feature of the new Rawlings Mantra + is its terrible in-hand feel.

The bat fails to give the softball players a comfortable grip for smooth hitting. This bat's hand stings are even worse than those given by the Rawlings Mantra 2.

Also, you would not be willing to spend this much on a bat that performs poorly for more than just a few games.

Value for money

A bat becomes a hot choice of the players only if it is value for money. Regarding cost, the new 2023 Rawlings Mantra + softball fastpitch bat charges a decent amount of money.

The price of this bat is the same as that of the new Demarini's Whisper bat.

However, Rawling's Mantra + fastpitch bat is less durable than Demarini's Whisper.

So, spending money on a bat with unreliable durability is an unwise choice.

Overall, if you are a power hitter who can control the bat and handle the hand sting due to the uncomfortable grip, you can go for Rawlings Mantra + 2023.

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